Citrate for Kidney Stones: Why is Citrate Important?

Alkali citrate helps prevent kidney stones.

Anyone who’s suffered from a kidney stone knows that they don’t ever want another one. Citrate for kidney stones is key to preventing this painful condition, although there are some pervasive myths about how it works and where to find it.

Not all citrates are the same. While many claim that drinking alkali citrate-rich lemon juice and water will help prevent stones, the citrate that you can get from citric acid (such as lemon juice, citrus fruit, etc.) actually isn’t enough to prevent the formation of kidney stones. In fact, you’d have to drink several quarts of lemonade per day to get the right amount of citrus citrate to be preventive. Moreover, citrus fruits are relatively low in pH and don’t support healthy kidney chemistry.

Alkali citrate, however, is the powerful component that is known to prevent kidney stone formation along with other key nutrients and ingredients.

citrate for kidney stones