Moonstone - Best Nutrition Drink & Citrate for Kidney Stones
Moonstone Kidney Stone Supplements - Best Nutrition Drink & Citrate for Kidney Stones

Daily Kidney Stone Prevention

We’re Moonstone Nutrition 👋 — the team looking after your kidney health with daily kidney stone treatment

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Kidney stone prevention, in one easy step.

A healthy diet, proper hydration, and a daily dose of alkali citrate is the surest way to elevate your kidney health. Stone Stopper by Moonstone™ makes kidney care simple and delicious, with convenient products that fit your lifestyle.


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Stone Stopper Capsules

120 - Count / 30 Day Supply
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Stone Stopper Drink Mix

15 Pack
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Stone Stopper Gummies

60 Gummies
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Doctor recommended kidney stone prevention.

From capsule and gummy supplements to convenient ready-to-mix powder beverages for extra hydration, Stone Stopper by Moonstone™ offers a science-based kidney health supplement trusted by doctors worldwide.

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What is Alkali Citrate Metabolism (ACM)™?

Stone Stopper by Moonstone™ contains clinically significant amounts of alkali citrate that increases urine citrate and urine pH in the body. This works because increased urine citrate helps prevent calcium oxalate stones, while increased urine pH helps dissolve and prevent uric acid stones and cystine stones.

The Science

Your kidneys work 24/7 to filter blood, regulate fluids, minerals and blood pressure, and they activate hormones and vitamins in your body.

Stone Stopper by Moonstone’s daily dose (30mEq) of alkali citrate is the TLC your kidneys deserve.

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