Alkali Citrate is Better than Lemon Juice! - Moonstone Kidney Stone Supplements Alkali Citrate is Better than Lemon Juice!
Alkali Citrate is Better than Lemon Juice!

Alkali Citrate is Better than Lemon Juice!

You’ve heard it before, “all you need is lemon juice!” This is the worst advice you can get if you’re dealing with painful kidney stones. There is a better alternative called alkali citrate, and this is how you can get more of it. 

Lemon Juice Myth Debunked 

One popular belief is that lemon juice, with its citric acid content, is a natural remedy for preventing kidney stones. However, let's separate fact from fiction. While lemon juice does contain citric acid, the concentration is relatively low. Although citric acid has shown some effectiveness in inhibiting stone formation, it is not as potent as alkali citrate. 

Lemon Juice and Kidney Stone Prevention 

Science tells us that citrate, a salt in citric acid, binds to calcium and helps block kidney stone formation. It makes sense then that people would assume citrate from lemons could be the “cure” for kidney stones. 

Although lemon juice and other citrus fruits contain Citric Acid, numerous clinical studies have shown mixed results in the ability of these fruits/juices to decrease kidney stone recurrence. This is because the Citric Acid in these fruits/juice can increase urinary citrate ONLY if given in large enough amounts (2quarts of lemonade per day). However, there is no change in urinary pH.

This means the amount of lemon juice one would need to drink to "dissolve" stones or prevent future formations is considerable. However, especially in chronic sufferers, it would be much more than most people could, or should, consume in a day.

Moonstone’s co-founder, nephrologist Dr. David Goldfarb MD, is also a kidney stone sufferer who co-created Moonstone to help protect his own kidneys. Lemonade and lemon juice detoxes are common myths he has to bust in his own practice. 

Here’s what he says: 

“If flavoring your water with lemon encourages you to drink more of it, then lemon is fine. But lemon juice, as well as orange juice and grapefruit juice, are relatively low in pH and don’t support healthy kidney chemistry. For that, you need a beverage with higher citrate levels because citrate helps prevent calcium from binding to oxalate.” 

The Lemon Juice Alternative: Alkali Citrate

A person holding an alkali citrate kidney stone supplement called Moonstone Stonestopper

The Kidney Stone Prevention Superhero: Enter alkali citrate—the true superhero in the battle against kidney stones. Alkali citrate supplements, like our very own Moonstone Stone Stopper™ , contain a concentrated form of citrate. These work wonders for kidney stone prevention. 

What is Alkali Citrate? 

Alkali citrate is a natural supplement that provides a higher concentration of citrate compared to lemon juice. It works by increasing the urinary pH level, which makes the urine less acidic. This, in turn, inhibits the crystallization of substances like calcium oxalate, a common component of kidney stones.

Science Behind Alkali Citrate's Effectiveness 

Scientific studies have consistently demonstrated the efficacy of alkali citrate in preventing kidney stones. By increasing urinary citrate levels, alkali citrate helps to reduce the risk of stone formation. It also raises the urinary pH, creating an environment less conducive to crystal formation. This dual-action approach significantly decreases the likelihood of kidney stone recurrence.

Dr. Goldfarb suggests a simpler and more effective solution to the lemon juice craziness is to take a daily alkali citrate supplement.Available in capsules, gummies, and zero-sugar drink mixes, Moonstone offers a variety of delicious flavors. Incorporating Moonstone's 30mEq dose of alkali citrate into your routine has never been more convenient.

The Benefits of Moonstone Stone Stopper:

  1. High Concentration of Alkali Citrate: Moonstone Stone Stopper™ provides a 30mEq concentrated dose of alkali citrate. This ensures maximum effectiveness in preventing kidney stones.
  2. Convenience: Introducing Moonstone Stone Stopper™, a convenient way to include alkali citrate in your daily regimen. Available in capsules, gummies, or a delightful drink mix. It offers a potent alternative to relying solely on lemon juice or other less effective methods.
  3. A Gentle Alternative: Moonstone Stone Stopper™ is a gentle alternative and the first OTC supplement designed to address kidney stone crystallization. 
  4. Non-GMO & Gluten Free: Moonstone Stone Stopper™ appeals to people seeking clean label products because it is also non-GMO, and free of wheat, fat, and soy. 
  5. Heart Friendly Ingredients: In addition to its active ingredients, Moonstone Stone Stopper™ has little added sugar, is low in sodium, and is an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin B6. 
  6. Easy to Find: In addition to shopping online, you can now find Moonstone Stone Stopper™ at your local CVS and Walmart!



The myth of lemon juice as a standalone kidney stone prevention solution falls short when compared to the superior effectiveness of alkali citrate. While lemon juice contains some citric acid, it lacks the concentrated power found in alkali citrate supplements Moonstone Stone Stopper™

Harness the scientifically-proven benefits of alkali citrate to proactively prevent kidney stones and protect your kidneys. Don't let myths hold you back; opt for the one-step solution that truly prevents the formation of painful kidney stones!

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