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Best kidney stone supplement

Best Kidney Stone Supplement to Prevent Stones in 2023

It’s that time of year again! New Years has come and gone, but for some of us those resolutions we made are still front and center. The month of January is notoriously a time when people join gyms, start new routines, and attempt big lifestyle changes. Sadly, only a handful of those resolutions will actually stick past the first few months of the year. Read on to learn all about the best kidney stone supplement to prevent stones in 2023. 

For chronic kidney stone sufferers, luckily there is a daily supplement that CAN and WILL work to transform lives in 2023. This new year, learn more about a simple 1-step solution that is clinically proven to prevent the crystallization that causes kidney stones. 

Moonstone Stone Stopper™ Kidney Stone Supplement 

The prevalence of kidney stones in the United States increased by 231% from the late 1970s to the late 2000s. Surprisingly, women represent the fastest group of new kidney stone formers. This may be due to a rise in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome, which are all considered high-risk factors for kidney stone formation. 

Regardless of the “why”, we know that kidney stone sufferers are experiencing tremendous amounts of pain. (Some even liken it to giving birth!) And unfortunately, if you’ve experienced a kidney stone once, you are very likely to do so again. 

Prescription treatments for kidney stones are available, but there are few, over-the-counter (OTC) products that support kidney stone prevention effectively. Moonstone Nutrition, however, has a scientifically proven kidney stone formula delivering 30mEq of alkali citrate (from citrate salts) per serving.

Kidney Stone Prevention 

Prescription medications such as potassium citrate and calcium citrate are commonly used to treat and prevent kidney stones. However, those treatment options can be expensive and typically have side effects like nausea and GI discomfort. 

Moonstone Stone Stopper™ is a gentle alternative and the first OTC supplement designed to address kidney stone crystallization. In addition to its active ingredients, Moonstone powder beverages have no added sugar, are low in sodium, and are an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin B6.  Moonstone may appeal to people seeking clean label products because it is also non-GMO, and free of wheat, fat, and soy.

People suffering from chronic kidney stones can use Moonstone for its daily dose of alkali citrate to prevent the crystallization that causes stones to form. Available in capsules, diabetic-friendly drink mixes, and gummies. Moonstone Stone Stopper™ is an easy once-a-day addition to your daily routine that can help you FINALLY STOP KIDNEY STONES from forming in 2023! 

“New Year, New You” & The Keto Diet 

This spotlight on keto might seem like an odd addition to this article, but so many people will be turning to the keto diet as part of their new year's resolutions that we felt it was a must to include. 

Did you know the keto diet could be a wrong turn for those looking to improve their kidney health? 

According to our doctor partners, some of these trendy, high animal protein diets could be doing more to lower citrate levels in the urine, create more acid and actually promote the development of kidney stones.

“Eating more animal protein means more kidney stones. When you eat more animal protein, you eat more acid, which reduces the amount of citrate in the urine. Citrate helps prevent calcium stones. When eating more protein, you are also eating more purines, the precursors of uric acid, which might contribute to both calcium and uric acid stones,” says co-founder Dr. David S. Goldfarb, a professor of medicine and physiology at New York University Grossman School of Medicine, and researcher and doctor at NYU Langone Hospital, specializing in treating patients with calcium stones, uric acid stones, struvite stones, cystinuria and other genetic causes of kidney stones. 

“The word ‘keto’ refers to the development of ketoacidosis, and any situation that promotes acid production like ketosis will stimulate the kidney to reabsorb citrate and increase the risk for stones.”

Tips to help stop kidney stones on a ketogenic diet (low-carb, high-fat and protein diet)

  • For people who eat high amounts of animal protein, fluid intake is the most important way to counter the diet's side effect of promoting stones.
  • Foods containing calcium (dairy, orange juice with calcium or a calcium supplement before, during or within an hour after eating) can also help by binding oxalate in the intestine and preventing its absorption into the blood, and then its appearance in the urine.
  • The best solution to ensure Keto doesn’t create more kidney stones, is to add citrate back into the urine, which can be done with a potassium citrate prescription or by adding Moonstone Stone Stopper™ to your daily routine.
Best kidney stone supplement in drink mixes, capsules, and gummies

Kidney Stones for 30 Years Disappear with Moonstone 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of these real Moonstone customer stories. 

Frady G. has suffered from kidney stones for over thirty years. “I’ve got short bowel syndrome, so I over absorb oxalate,” she said. 

With kidney failure looming, her nephrologist (kidney doctor) recommended she try Moonstone. “After years of horrible suffering, I feel like Moonstone Stone Stopper saved my life. Now I take Moonstone every morning and I haven’t had a single kidney stone since 2020!”

In 2017, another customer, Marc P., a 57-year-old male from New York, was on vacation in Los Angeles when he had a sudden kidney stone attack. 

Out of the blue, he found himself in the middle of the street hunched over with crippling pain. The hospital sent him home with Tylenol but the stones were so bad that he had to return for an emergency operation with laser lithotripsy. 

“I was in the hospital for six days with an infection,” said Marc. “That was definitely the most painful experience of my life.” 

When he came home he started doing a tremendous amount of research on kidney stones. He saw that a renal diet could help, but he also asked his doctor for advice. 

“My doctor told me to take Moonstone proactively to help prevent new stones from forming. Since starting Moonstone, I haven’t had any kidney stone issues for over two years!” 

Woman holding best kidney stone breaker supplement

Try Our Moonstone Stone Stopper™ Kidney Stone Supplement Yourself 

With over a century of collective experience at leading universities and hospitals, a team of top urologists and nephrologists specializing in kidney health care came together to co-found Moonstone Nutrition. This new year, let us help you transform your kidney health with a simple addition to your routine. A resolution you can keep! 

Moonstone is offering a special New Years Promotion on ready-to-mix powders to drink as flavored water. These products rely on our patented alkali citrate formula, clinically proven to prevent kidney stones, but because of the use of allulose, which has a glycemic index of zero, we never sacrifice flavor. 

The beverages come in Lemonade, Wild Berry, Cranberry Raspberry and Tropical flavors.

With free shipping, now is the best time to try Moonstone Stone Stopper™ for yourself. 

Contact us to let us know how your first experience with Moonstone goes, and if you have any feedback. Supporting our customers, easing the pain of chronic sufferers, and creating tools that will actually help is what our mission in life is. We are rooting for you! 

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