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What Should a Child with Kidney Stones Eat?

As caregivers, we understand that our little ones' well-being is extremely important. We never want the ones we care for to feel ill or be in pain, especially our young ones. Today, we will provide a comprehensive and nourishing guide, helping you recognize the subtle signs of kidney stones in children and offering doctor recommended nutritional advice on what a child with kidney stones should eat on their journey to good health. 

What You Need to Know:

Dear concerned parent, it's essential to understand what kidney stones are when you find out that your child has them: Kidney stones are small, hard mineral and salt deposits that form inside your child's kidneys. They develop when certain minerals and substances in the urine become concentrated, creating tiny crystal-like structures that can clump together and cause discomfort. These stones can range in size, from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a marble.

It's All About the Right Type of Care

So, while they may seem intimidating, rest assured that with the right care, knowledge, and a well-crafted kidney stone-friendly diet, we can help your child navigate through this challenge and ensure their health and well-being.

At Moonstone we are dedicated to helping you and your child navigate through this uncomfortable time. Our products are doctor formulated with clinically significant amounts of alkali citrate which helps prevent kidney stone formation by reducing the ability of calcium in the urine to bind with oxalate. Your child would need to drink several quarts of lemon juice to get the same effect! 

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Why Kids and Kidney Stones? Unraveling the Connection

Now, you may wonder, "Why are more kids dealing with kidney stones these days?" Great question! As the world around us changes, so do our lifestyles and dietary choices. Let's explore some factors contributing to this rise:

  1. Processed Foods: In the age of convenience, processed foods have found their way into our lives. They might seem tempting and time-saving, but they can promote kidney stone formation in kids. 

  2. Antibiotics Overload: Antibiotics, the superhero defenders against infections, can sometimes upset the delicate balance in your child's kidneys, making them vulnerable to stones.

  3. Hotter Summers, Lesser Hydration: As temperatures rise, staying hydrated becomes even more crucial. Hotter summers can tempt our young ones to play all day, but dehydration can lead to kidney stone shenanigans. Make sure to keep those water bottles close by!

Spotting the Clues: Recognizing Kidney Stones in Your Child

Now, let's equip ourselves with the know-how to spot the signs of kidney stones in our children:

  1. Discomfort While Urinating: If your child displays discomfort or pain during urination, it might be a red flag for kidney stones hiding in their urinary tract.

  2. Unexplained Tummy Aches: Kidney stones can be tricky, causing unexplained bouts of tummy aches or fussiness in your child. Keep an eye on those mysterious tummy troubles!

  3. Frequent Trips to the Bathroom: If your little one seems to be visiting the bathroom more often than usual, it's time to investigate for kidney stone clues.

  4. Colorful Clues in the Toilet Bowl: Notice any unusual colors in your child's urine? Pink or red hues could be an indication of kidney stones.

The Kidney Stone Diet for Kids: A Flavorful Feast for Their Health

child reaching for strawberries on countertop

Now that we've unlocked the mystery of kidney stones and identified their subtle clues, it's time to curate a menu that your child will love and their kidneys will adore. So, if you are wondering what a child with kidney stones should eat, you have come to the right place! Let's create a healthy menu that blends nourishment and taste:

  1. The Power of Hydration:  Encourage your child to drink plenty of water throughout the day. For a delightful twist, infuse it with slices of fresh fruits like oranges or berries. For extra protection, try our power-packed Mixed Wild Berry drink that provides key nutrients and contains 30 mEq alkali citrate per serving from minerals to help keep your children's kidneys healthy. 

  2. Fiber-Rich Wonders: Introduce your little ones to apples, pears, and berries - fiber-rich fruits that aid digestion and reduce the risk of kidney stone formation. Combine them with vegetables like broccoli, kale, and spinach to create a powerful fiber force that your child will savor. 

  3. Calcium:  Embrace low-fat dairy delights like yogurt, cheese, and milk. They're not only delicious but also help prevent certain types of kidney stones.

  4. Mindful of Sodium: Sodium, the stealthy presence in processed foods, can contribute to kidney stone formation. Opt for homemade goodies seasoned with herbs and spices to add a burst of flavor without the sodium.

Our Doctor developed Moonstone products are vegan, gluten free, and safe for children. Try mixing together our Wild Berry and lemonade stone stopper drinks for a fun remix to find the perfect flavor. Our gummies are also delicious and will appeal to your kid's taste buds while taking care of their kidneys! Children can sometimes be picky when it comes to flavors, so it's a good thing our products are delicious and kid approved! 

Happy Kids = Happy Life

You did it, you've now mastered the art of feeding your child kidney stone-friendly fare without sacrificing taste or fun. Remember, with the magic of hydration, fiber, calcium, and clever swaps, you've armed your child's kidneys to help fight against painful stones.

So, let's dig in, relish the flavors, and savor the joy of keeping your little one's health in check. Make sure to visit our online shop for more healthy and delicious treats that your children will savor. 

Bon appétit and here's to a kidney-happy future!


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