Best Drink for Kidney Stones - Moonstone Nutrition Best Drink for Kidney Stones - Moonstone Nutrition - Moonstone Kidney Stone Supplements
Best Drink for Kidney Stones - Moonstone Nutrition

Best Drink for Kidney Stones - Moonstone Nutrition

Water is the best drink on earth.  But let's be honest.  Most of us hate it. Just about anything is better than water: coffee, tea, wine, flavored beverages. Anything. But isn't water the best drink for kidney stones? The answer will surprise you.
Fact: Water is good for you.
But why water is good for you is complex. Our body is made up of 55 to 65% water.  It has long been recommended that we drink eight glasses of water per day. That’s 64 ounces or 1/2 a gallon. Water keeps us hydrated, which is good for our kidneys, bowels, brain, skin, and other bodily functions.  Other benefits of drinking water may include:
1. Maximize physical performance
2. Improve energy levels and brain function
3. Prevent headaches
4. Prevent constipation
5. Prevent hangovers
6. Aid in weight loss
But what about water and kidney stones?  Kidney stone sufferers need to pay particular attention to their hydration routine. For people with a healthy diet and lifestyle, water is perfect. However, for people with kidney stones or those predisposed to stones, there are better drinks available to prevent crystallization.
We often talk about lemon water as a great way to prevent kidney stones and increase hydration, but lemon water is not optimized for stone prevention. Lemon water and lemonade can be a source of citrate, but this citrate is mostly citric acid, not alkali citrate. You would have to consume a lot of lemon water or eat large amounts of citrus fruits to get enough citrate to change urine chemistry.
Moonstone was designed to optimize alkali citrate levels better than fruits, vegetables, or lemonade, in order to maximize kidney health. The best drink for kidney stones will have alkali citrate. Moonstone’s unique combination of alkali citrate minerals work by increasing urine citrate and urine pH to levels that help inhibit stone formation. Alkali citrate supplementation has been shown to reduce growth and recurrence of calcium-based stones, uric acid stones, and cystine stones. Alkali citrate binds with calcium, which helps prevent the calcium from binding with other molecules to form kidney stones. Drinking Moonstone also helps you to stay well hydrated, which is essential to good kidney health.  
Hydration is crucial for everyone, so find healthy hydration options you can easily add to your routine.  Be mindful of excess sugar, alcohol, and caffeine intake. Water and lemon water are great hydration options, but they are not optimized for kidney health. If kidney health is a priority, drinking more and better-quality beverages should be your objective. The best drink for kidney stones is one with optimal amounts of alkali citrate. And remember, kidney health is a lifestyle commitment on many levels; hydration is just one part of that. Your kidneys work 24/7 to help the rest of your body function, by filtering blood, regulating fluids, minerals, and blood pressure, and activating hormones and vitamins. Your body works best when your kidneys function properly, so maintaining their health should be part of your everyday life. Moonstone makes kidney care simple and delicious, with convenient products that fit the way you live, healthier every day.

To learn more about kidney stone prevention and treatment options, click here.
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