No, lemon juice cannot "cure" kidney stones! - Moonstone Kidney Stone Supplements No, lemon juice cannot "cure" kidney stones!
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No, lemon juice cannot "cure" kidney stones!

Consuming lemon juice or lemon water has a variety of health benefits depending on who you ask. From helping you to lose weight to curing the body of numerous health ailments. In fact, a common misconception amongst online digital detoxers is that lemon juice alone can “cure” or prevent kidney stones. Sadly, that’s just NOT true! 

Lemon Juice and Kidney Stone Prevention 

Science tells us that citrate, a salt in citric acid, binds to calcium and helps block kidney stone formation. It makes sense then that people would assume citrate from lemons could be the “cure” for kidney stones. 

Although lemon juice and other citrus fruits contain Citric Acid, numerous clinical studies have shown mixed results in the ability of these fruits/juices to decrease kidney stone recurrence. This is because the Citric Acid in these fruits/juice can increase urinary citrate ONLY if given in large enough amounts (2quarts of lemonade per day). However, there is no change in urinary pH.

This means the amount of lemon juice one would need to drink to “dissolve” stones or prevent future stones from forming, especially in chronic sufferers, would be much more than most people could, or should, consume in a day.

Moonstone’s co-founder, nephrologist Dr. David Goldfarb MD, is also a kidney stone sufferer. He co-created Moonstone to help protect his own kidneys. Lemonade and lemon juice detoxes are common myths he has to bust in his own practice. 

Here’s what he says: 

“If flavoring your water with lemon encourages you to drink more of it, then lemon is fine. But lemon juice, as well as orange juice and grapefruit juice, are relatively low in pH and don’t support healthy kidney chemistry. For that, you need a beverage with higher citrate levels because citrate helps prevent calcium from binding to oxalate.”

Dr. Goldfarb suggests a simpler solution is to add Moonstone Stone Stopper™ for its stone-stopping dosage of alkali citrate. Available in capsules, gummies, and zero-sugar drink mixes in a variety of delicious flavors, getting Moonstone's 30mEq dose of alkali citrate in your routine is easier than ever. 

Why Moonstone?

Moonstone was designed to optimize alkali citrate levels better than fruits, vegetables, or lemonade, in order to maximize kidney health. Moonstone’s unique combination of alkali citrate minerals works by increasing urine citrate and urine pH to levels that help inhibit stone formation. 

Alkali citrate supplementation has been shown to reduce the growth and recurrence of calcium-based stones, uric acid stones, and cystine stones. Alkali citrate binds with calcium, which helps prevent the calcium from binding with other molecules to form kidney stones. Drinking Moonstone also helps you to stay well hydrated, which is essential to good kidney health.  

Prescription medications such as potassium citrate are commonly used to treat and prevent kidney stones. However, it can be expensive and can also have side effects like nausea and GI discomfort. 

Moonstone is a gentle alternative and the first OTC supplement designed to address kidney stone crystallization. In addition to its active ingredients, Moonstone has no added sugar, is low in sodium, and is an excellent source of magnesium and vitamin B6.  Moonstone may appeal to people seeking clean-label products because it is non-GMO and free of wheat, fat, and soy.

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