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Moonstone Stone Stopper doctor approved kidney stone supplement for diabetics

Kidney stone supplements safe for diabetics

Did you know that people who are pre-diabetic and diabetic are more likely to get kidney stones?
People who are diabetic often have high blood glucose levels. When your blood glucose levels are high, the acidity in your blood increases. This can cause the acid levels in urine to rise. Having acidic urine increases the risk of developing kidney stones and future diabetic kidney disease (DKD). Luckily, there are lifestyle changes and diabetic friendly supplements that can help prevent kidney stones from forming.

What's the connection between diabetes and kidney stones?

Suffering from diabetes means your body doesn't use insulin in the most productive way. Insulin is an important hormone that works to keep blood sugar levels optimal, and when you have unhealthy blood sugar levels your kidneys and liver are especially at risk of dangerous imbalances.
Studies have shown that having type 2 diabetes more than doubles your chances of having kidney stones and diabetic kidney disease (DKD). Research also suggests that insulin treatment in diabetics can actually increase your chances of forming stones. Those with severe diabetes, where blood sugar levels are highest, are even more likely to develop painful kidney stones, specifically uric acid stones.
There are, of course, other lifestyle choices that increase the likelihood for kidney stone formation. People who chose diets high in protein, sugar, and sodium are most at risk for kidney stones. Those individuals usually experience some kind of body function imbalance, including a higher propensity towards obesity. People struggling with obesity are often borderline diabetic, if not fully diabetic, increasing the risk factors for kidney stones.

How can diabetics prevent kidney stones?

Diabetics can do several things to prevent kidney stones from forming.
Here are five tips to keep in mind:
1) Keep blood sugar under control. Under the supervision of a doctor, the first line of defense is to manage and monitor blood sugar with medication, lifestyle changes, and proper supplementation.
2) Stay hydrated. Moonstone Co-Founder and kidney expert, Dr. David Goldfarb, says "it's not how much you drink, but how much you pee that matters most." In order to pee enough each day, a person should consume 92 ounces of liquid each day to keep stones away.
3) Eat a balanced & low-salt diet. Some experts suggest the heart-healthy DASH diet, which is rich in fruit and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fish and lean poultry. Others suggest exploring a renal diet to prevent kidney stone formation and kidney disease. Limiting the amount of animal protein, specifically from read meat, fatty poultry, and seafood is important as well, since consuming too much can raise uric acid levels.  
4) Keep your body moving. Exercise and physical activity that helps keep your body in a healthy BMI range is extremely important when trying to manage diabetes. Less weight usually means lower blood sugar, but remember that steady wins the race. Start with 30 minutes of light walking each day and work from there.
5) Take a proven alkali citrate supplement. People looking to prevent stones can add Moonstone Stone Stopper™ to their routine to enjoy a daily 30mEq dose of alkali citrate. Alkali citrate helps prevent kidney stone formation by reducing the ability of calcium in the urine to bind with oxalate.

The #1 Diabetic Friendly Kidney Stone Supplement

Available in capsules, gummies and powder beverages in a variety of delicious flavors, Moonstone Stone Stopper™  is ideal for anyone watching their weight and for diabetics. Moonstone uses allulose, a sugar that is not absorbed by the intestine, with virtually no calories, that occurs naturally in raisins, figs and other plants.
With a glycemic index of zero, allulose has no impact on blood glucose. The (few) carbs in Moonstone's beverages are not metabolized, so they can be subtracted from carb calculations. This makes Moonstone's range of alkali citrate supplements especially suited for diabetics needing to closely monitor sugar and net carbs.
Customers like Amanda H., from Bakersfield, California have experienced the benefits themselves:
"There aren't a lot of diabetic friendly supplements for your kidneys, so it was such a blessing when my doctor suggested Moonstone," she said. "Moonstone helped me to dissolve some of the smaller stones and prevent some bigger ones from forming. After experiencing the pain of kidney stones as a diabetic, I can say I'll be a Moonstone shopper for life!"
You can download the whitepaper to explore more for yourself and learn the science behind Moonstone's powerful kidney stone stopping alkali citrate blend.
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