How much alkali citrate do I need to prevent kidney stones? How much alkali citrate do I need to prevent kidney stones? - Moonstone Kidney Stone Supplements
How much alkali citrate do I need to prevent kidney stones?

How much alkali citrate do I need to prevent kidney stones?

Alkali citrate is scientifically proven to stop the crystallization that causes kidney stones to form. We know it works and we’ve got the testimonials to prove it. Still, we often get asked, “But how much should I take?” 

A Prescription for Kidney Stones 

Alkali citrate is the powerhouse ingredient in our Moonstone Stone Stopper™ products, helping people worldwide to elevate their kidney care routines. Taking alkali citrate causes urinary citrate levels to increase, as well as urine pH levels to become alkaline. As such, it’s a preventative supplement, but for those actively suffering from kidney stones, it can also be a stone dissolver depending on the type of stone you have. 

You should always check with your health care provider before starting any kind of treatment program to make sure the dosage is best for your unique circumstances. However, here is a general guide based on our clinical research and years of consumer experience. 

How much alkali citrate? 

You can choose the way you enjoy Moonstone, either through diabetic-friendly drink mixes in a variety of flavors, by capsule, or by gummy. Choose the best method for your lifestyle, but in general, remember this: 

1 packet of Moonstone = 30 mEq of alkali citrate

1 scoop of Moonstone = 30 mEq of alkali citrate

4 Moonstone capsules = 30 mEq of alkali citrate

6 Moonstone gummies = 27mEq of alkali citrate

That means:

1 packet = 4 capsules = 1 scoop = roughly 6 gummies (2 gummies up to 3 times per day) 

Moonstone Stone Stopper Kidney Health Beverage

That dosage guide will get you roughly 30 mEq of stone-stopping alkali citrate per day. Moonstone Stone Stopper™ can prevent the crystallization that causes new stones to form, but it can also dissolve uric acid and cystine stones. 

However, over 95% of all stones reported are calcium oxalate stones. Moonstone will not “cure” or dissolve those types of stones, but it can help the existing stone from getting bigger. Any existing calcium oxalate stone needs to be passed on its own or with the help of a doctor. 

Uric acid stones, on the other hand, can be dissolved in alkaline urine.  

So to dissolve uric acid stones we suggest taking 2 packets per day, or double the dosage of your preferred consumption method. 

Most people take between 30 and 45 mEq per day, and many like to mix and match their daily Moonstone format. “I like to drink Moonstone in the morning for some healthy hydration, and enjoy a few gummies in the afternoon as a yummy treat,” said Kimberly S., a former kidney stone sufferer, and loyal Moonstone customer.  The ideal amount depends on each person's preferred method of consumption and individual needs (whether to prevent or dissolve). 

Kidney Stones for 30 Years Disappear with Moonstone 

Frady G., a long-time kidney stone sufferer, had complications from kidney stones for over thirty years. “I’ve got short bowel syndrome, so I over absorb oxalate,” she said. With kidney failure looming, her nephrologist (kidney doctor) recommended she try Moonstone. “After years of horrible suffering, I feel like Moonstone Stone Stopper saved my life. Now I take Moonstone every morning and I haven’t had a single kidney stone since 2020!”

Frady started with double dosing to dissolve her smaller stones while keeping the larger stones from growing more. After several months of consistent supplementation, she found her kidney stone issues becoming less and less disruptive. Over time she was able to lower her dosage, and now only takes a preventative amount daily. 

“I never leave home without a drink mix in my bag,” said Frady. “Now I’m also starting to add a few gummies to the daily routine too. They are so tasty! Plus, it’s a fun addition for somebody like me who plans on taking Stone Stopper for life. No more stones for me ever again!” 

Moonstone Stone Stopper Kidney Health Beverage

How to know if alkali citrate is working? 

Often people will begin to experience less pain over time, however, if you are looking to see if your alkali citrate supplementation is working, urine pH is a good indicator. 

Urine test strips can be used to compare urine pH levels before versus after drinking Moonstone. 

Urine pH can range from an extremely unhealthy low of 4.5 to a high of 8.5. The average urine pH is about 6.0. If your urine sample is lower than 6.0, this could indicate an environment conducive to the formation of kidney stones. 

For complimentary urine test strips, contacts us at



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  • Beata, you got it!

    Moonstone Stone Stopper
  • was diagnosis sceptic arthritis left shoulder I new this would prevent the calcium oxalate crystals from forming but the shoulder was so bad could not move it I used from all the research the items that would seem to work formed a cocktail of these items after 4 days doing a lot better what I need done was to break up crystals that have formed and it is working the combination of all that I put together and a large dose with all the research of different items that in each one that worked what do I have to lose i t is in my right hand near the joint had this move from the left shoulder into the heart it was so bad and painful thought I was having a heart attach with no testing etc it I hope was a very educated guess thank God for all the people in this area of study especially moonstone seen the same in a study any one out there with the same or similar you might thin of this both uric acid crystal and calcium oxalate crystals to prevent them from forming Thank All Of You Sincerely John Peterson Pro-Se Esq.

    John Peterson
  • I have many us stones w C core. I choose to put packets into my insulated tumbler and drink throughout day. Is this just as effective as consuming onetime in morning… My Doc said it may lose effectiveness in the tumbler after 3 hours…

    john carlucci

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